Paw Prints Photography | About
Thank you for visiting my website, my name is Bob Watson and I want to welcome you to Paw Prints Photography! If you love cats and dogs, you've come to the right place. My wife Deb and I have always been animal lovers. We have four pets of our own, our dogs Ruby, Bella, and Sadie (our newest member of the family) and our cat Mario (the oldest)! All of them are rescue animals and all of them are spoiled rotten.

The art of pet photography is unlike capturing human portraits. Usually, humans are fairly comfortable having their picture taken, outside their normal environment. Well, usually comfortable. They can "smile" on command, pose in different positions, hold their attention span for extended periods of time, and are not too intimidated by all the equipment in the studio. Most pets, on the other hand, are usually not comfortable in a studio setting. They have relatively short attention spans, and usually don't pose or "smile" on command. This means getting the right shot, like sitting in a basket or standing on a box and then look towards the camera, takes some time and most of all patience.

Our studio is located in the back of our pet bakery and gift boutique, called Bark's 5th Avenue. We use our knowledge of animal behavior, pet training, our creativity and photographic knowledge to get the best image possible of your pet! We use the most up-to-date equipment to capture digital images of your pet. After the session we will then present you the images that best captured what you were looking for during the session. At this time you can decide on the pose or poses you like as well as decide on the size of the photos. We offer a full range of print sizes to choose from, including large formats, as well as photo packages. You can place your order then or review your session online here and order prints in the comfort of your own home.

All photos purchased from your session are digitally hand mastered and retouched if needed.